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Ohio Prestwick Country Club Membership Drive

Full Family Membership-Silver

  • Monthly Dues of $99.00 plus tax. (year two $129.00 plus tax)
  • $22.00 Cart fee per person/per round.
  • Minimum Food and Beverage Requirement of $225.00 per quarter.
  • Full Golf, Pool and Dining Privileges.
  • One Time Yearly Golf Package (Driving Range, GHIN Handicap, Buyer Club) of 399.00 plus tax.
  • $5.00 Hole in One Club, Charged Every Time a Person Scores A hole in One.
  • One Time Yearly Christmass Fund of $25.00
  • One Year Initial Commitment.
  • Dues Begin the month you join for 12 consecutive months and contunie as long as membership

Diner's Club

  • Annual Dues of $49.99 plus tax.
  • One Time Yearly Christmas Fund of $25.00
  • One Year Initial Commitment.
  • Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Only.
  • Reservation Required
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
  • Renewal  of annual dues will be automatic on month join

You can download the Membership Application here.

You see the Membership Tiers & Application here.

Ohio Prestwick Country Club

3751 Glen Eagles Boulevard

Uniontown, OH 44685


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